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To listen to a compilation of all of our published lists, download the Spotify application and search for the
'AllSwingDJ - Swinging'

About Our Swing Dance Songs

"Good SWING music - SWINGS!" says Skippy Blair.

All of the selections in our Swinging Dance Songs lists swing, by definition, having been performed in "swung note," or shuffle rhythm, style. This syncopated rhythm best supports the essence of swing dance. The rolling count coupled with an upbeat pulse is also known as a "rolling backbeat." For a better understanding of how musicians produce the sound and feel of shuffle rhythm, link to the instructional videos for the following instruments: drums, bass, and guitar.

Skippy also recommends that music for swing dance should (1) contribute to the dance; (2) not interfere with, or challenge, the dancer, especially the upbeat pulse of swing dance; and (3) not be identified with another form of dance, such as, Cha Cha, Hustle, or Rumba.

In other words, whether the music swings or not, it should be swing danceable, or swingable.

Most people associate the term "swing music" with big band jazz of the Swing Era. Most of our member DJs, however, play for slower forms of swing dance, such as, West Coast Swing, Texas Push, Texas Whip, Carolina Shag, and Lindy groove.

Many people believe that Blues music is the primary genre associated with these dance forms and, therefore, swings, by definition; but not all Blues performances swing. We find the sound and feel of swing in other genres, also, including various styles of Jazz, R&B, Pop/Rock, and Country.

About every two months our member DJs post to our Yahoo! group their Top 10 or 10 New songs in various styles and rhythms for swing dance. They also have the option to post 10 Swinging songs that they've recently played at an event or their local venue. To generate our Swinging Dance Songs lists we compile all of the DJs' lists into one, rank the songs, and then select the top songs that swing.

AllSwingDJ offers this list as a clear example of music that swings, because we are concerned that many of today's dancers and some newer DJs are unaware of the traditional connection of shuffle rhythm to swing dance. To preserve the roots of swing dance, we encourage you to include in the mix more of your favorite swinging songs.

We believe that we're the only DJ group that publishes lists of all swing selections. Other organizations publish lists that include selections that do not swing, but may be swingable. Some of those organizations are:
ABSCDJ, GSDJ, NARBDJ, NSDC (Music Preservation List), UCWDC (Competition Music), and USA Swing Dance Network (Classic Swing Songs).

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